German Spitz Dogs & Puppies For Sale

German Spitz Dogs & Puppies For Sale

The German Spitz is still a fairly rare breed in the USA. You could … It’s now recognized as a separate breed, but only in America and Canada. Equally important is not to let your German Spitz become too bored.

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He is a lively and intelligent breed and, if left with nothing to do all day, he .This page has been formed to help people in America and Canada connect with breeders and potential rescues of Purebred German Spitz dogs. It is here to …

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As German Spitz breeders in the USA (with both the Klein and the Mittel varieties as recognized by the UKC) we look forward to promoting this beautiful breed .Archaeological evidence suggests the German Spitz has been living with … way in the form of the Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog, and others besides.

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German Spitz Mittel and German Spitz Klein photo database (searchable) plus major UK show results and general information on the breed. If you are looking for ,So, you are looking for German Spitz in Canada? Great choice! If you are not familiar with German Spitz characteristics, read our German Spitz description.

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Japanese Spitz information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, … The Japanese Spitz are believed to be descended from white German Spitz that … at a Tokyo show, and in 1925, two white spitz were imported from Canada.Find German Spitz|Giant Schnauzer|Pug|Puli Dogs and Puppies for sale in Texas. … directory, the largest breeder directory in the United States and Canada.

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The Japanese Spitz is a pint-sized, spunky dog that loves to play. … development of the Japanese Spitz include white German Spitz, Klein Wolfsspitz (also known … The breed is also recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club …

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Tear staining in Japanese Spitz is seldom a well being issue or caused by any severe eye defect, but a lot more of a simple cosmetic situation that most pet .

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German Spitz (Mittel) The Mittel is a small, compact, long-coated dog with a typical spitz head and tail curled over the back. They can be seen in all colors and variations (see the breed standard for details). It should be obvious of the dog’s sex – with males being masculine in appearance and females feminine.

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The German Spitz is a small to medium-sized, fluffy companion breed that hails from Germany. “Spitz” breeds, sometimes called Northern. Spitz dogs are a type of dog characterized by their pointed ears and thick white fur. Find out how to keep your spitz dog happy by reading our tips.

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The small/medium-sized Japanese Spitz dog breed is typically spitz-like – with a thick, stand-off coat, a foxy face and triangular eyes, and a well-plumed tail that …

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