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KIJIJI MEET-UPS MADE EVEN EASIER Pay Your Way On Kijiji. You can now use PayPal at your next Kijiji meet-up to quickly send and receive money through the Kijiji app. Add your bank, credit card or Visa Debit, to your PayPal account and choose how you pay when shopping on Kijiji. Link your PayPal account to the Kijiji app to get started.

How to unlink Paypal from kijiji

Why is Kijiji now recommending paying via PayPal, when they’ve always stressed that cash is the best form of payment? This is purely a payment option – a new choice for Kijiji users. Paying with PayPal through the Kijiji app is designed for face-to-face transactions, as …

PayPal kijiji sweepstakes

Paying with PayPal is a safe alternative to paying with cash. Learn more about its safety features and how it can simplify transactions. Kijiji Help Desk Find help and information about Kijiji Kijiji Autos Help Desk Find help and information about Kijiji’s new autos experience. Help Desk; Kijiji. Kijiji Autos. Kijiji Autos Help Desk .

Despite what the PayPal Canada User Agreement says on the topic, the following additional terms apply when you send money using the Kijiji App: Seller Protection – If a buyer claims a transaction with you was unauthorized, Seller Protection covers you for the full amount of the payment made through the Kijiji app.

kijiji – shipping an item

Comment: Be careful selling by PayPal and offering “Pick Up” of the item. Background: A number of sellers (auto parts mostly) on Ebay offer “Pick Up” as a method of shipping but, they will only accept cash or credit card at the time of pick up, for payment. The reason for this is so they can be absolutely certain that the person who picks up the item, is the one paying for it.

Which brings me to PayPal and Kijiji. I like classified sites, they are very handy. But when you sell an item worth more than $1K it brings out the pond scum. In this case, the PayPal scammers. Here is how it goes … first they respond to your post with almost the same line every time (I had more than 10 of these): From: sx1ra-373@yahoo.com

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