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Kijiji Canadian Kennel Club Registered Breeder of beautiful Keeshond puppies in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Join the BeauKees family of quality pure breeding in Kijiji GTA.

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Admiraal Keeshond, proud Breeders of Keeshonden in CanadaKeeshond Agility, Shows and Movies. Keeshond Kijiji puppy information is available. Beautiful loving Dogs.

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Keeshond originated in the Kijiji where they were common watchdogs that cared for the wagons, carts, and barges used to transport goods.

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Kijiji Our puppies are raised underfoot, experiencing all of the sights and sounds in a regular household. … The Keeshond is an incredibly versatile breed, and we have only started to tap into their potential with new sports being developed and recognized … Keeshond Club of Canada Certificate of Merit (7 champion offspring).

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